Should You Feel Embarrassed for Reading Kids Books?

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Arthur Warren
8 Aprile 2019 a 10:37

What adults shouldn’t do is succumb to peer pressure. Enjoy what entertains you.

Albert Gibson
8 Aprile 2019 a 10:38

As a teen, I don’t particularly care if adults read YA. What I do care about are the voices and desires of actual teenagers. You can read YA while chugging Gatorade upside down at age 999 for all I care, but the problem with adults accounting for over 55% of the YA market is that they overshadow teens’ feedback. YA should still be written for teenagers, not people in their twenties. You can read our books but please don’t invade our spaces, drown out our opinions, sexualise us, or train the market to cater to your demographic.

So, no, don’t be embarrassed to read YA. 🙂 But don’t be a twat about it please.

Brandon Campbell
8 Aprile 2019 a 10:39
– In risposta a: Arthur Warren

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